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"I am largely done with the stock market"

I had the honor to be quoted in an story on why so many investors are down on the stock market-particularly in light of the most recent downturn in January. I invite you to read the article but more importantly check out the video and sign up to my email list to learn about all of the other arenas I now invest in!


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Our First Private Mortgage Deal


This was the first completed private mortgage deal for Meadows Enterprises. In March of 2014 a group of our investors provided a loan of $90,000.00 to a Jacksonville, Fl “turnkey” rental provider.  The company handles the acquisition, rehab, tenant placement, and ongoing management of single family rental homes in the Jacksonville area.  Most of the client landlords are from out of town and live in regions of the country (New York, San Francisco) where it is difficult to buy a modest sized rental property that cashflows.

Make A Loan to Somebody!


There is a fancy term you should commit to memory related to what’s going on in the world of financial services: disintermediation. Investopedia defines it as a reduction in the use or total removal of intermediaries between producers and consumers – or more simply cutting out the middleman.  If you have an extra $25 in your pocket- you can be a banker in most senses of the word to your fellow citizens who need money.