The Big Disclaimer + Reader Questions!

Let’s get this out of the way right up front. I do not offer nor should anything on the site be construed as legal, tax, business or investing advice. The only license I have currently, and plan to have, is to practice medicine.  Nonetheless I feel that I have some valuable insights and experiences that could be useful to fellow investors in their educational journey.

I have found that the most helpful blogs, youtube channels, podcasts etc., all have a component dedicated to answering user questions.  As a content creator, there is no better way to validate that your material is connecting with your audience than to get their direct feedback.  It’s for this reason I’m encouraging all of my website visitors and email subscribers to click on the Ask Dr. Meadows tab to leave a voicemail comment or question. I will do my best to give some useful educational tips and guidance, but will be sure to stop short of direct advice.

With that out of the way let go to our first question. It comes from Andrew, who is a veterinarian that currently owns 1 cash flowing rental property. He is preparing to buy his second but is wondering if he should give private mortgage lending or real estate crowdfunding a try. Let’s listen in.

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