A podcast that can definitely help you invest better

Invest Like a Boss

Podcast have been absolutely essential in my growth as an investor. When you reflect back on Robert Kiyosaki’s Cashflow quadrant, he states that the core value of the investor needs to be knowledge. Since you are deploying your hard earned capital, you need to have an adequate understanding of the potential benefits and risks of whatever investment you choose to participate in it.

Podcasts have proven to be superior in terms of the efficient delivery and ultimately consumption of useful investment information-particularly when compared to books and even video in my experience. I often digest an episode during my morning rituals and work commute transforming this otherwise mundane period into prime learning time.

Invest Like a Boss is relatively new on the podcast scene but has quickly shot to the top of my list whenever they release a new episode.  

Introduction (Video)

Dr. Kenyon Meadows introduces his blog AlternativeFinancialMedicine.com, “the cure for low yields”. Focusing on alternative high yield alternative assets with monthly returns, the site aims to educate viewers to the vast array of investment options beyond traditional stocks and bonds. A particular emphasis will be placed on real estate and online lending including rental property, peer to peer lending and equity crowdfunding.

The content will primarily be video and include expert interviews, product reviews, and Dr. Meadows’ personal investment experiences.

Download a free sample chapter on Hassle-Free Rental Property from my upcoming book, Alternative Financial Medicine. As a busy professional, you don’t have the time or management bandwidth to devote to a rental portfolio but want to enjoy all of the financial benefits of ownership. Well run turnkey companies handle finding a property, renovating it, placing good tenants and provide ongoing management so that you can focus being an investor in a cash flowing asset rather than a landlord.

We also want to foster as much interactivity as possible so don’t forget to click on the Ask Dr. Meadows tab and leave me a voicemail question or comment. I will respond either via email or, for particularly relevant questions, via a posted video response so the whole community can benefit.

Introduction to Real Estate Crowdfunding (VIDEO)

Dr. Kenyon Meadows interviews Nav Athwal, CEO of RealtyShares, a leader in the real estate crowdfunding space. Real estate crowdfunding allows you to take relatively small amounts of money and participate in fix and flip or buy and hold opportunities all over the country. Learn about this emerging asset class including some details on a 19% private loan deal I participated in, my highest yield to date!

Double Digit Returns with Peer to Business Lending

Dr. Kenyon Meadows interviews Bruce Morgan, founder of P2Binvestor, an innovative peer to business platform that allows investors to lend money to small businesses. P2Binvestor does all of the detailed underwriting to select only the most creditworthy small businesses that have growing revenue, and hard assets as collateral. In their 3 years of existence they have had no loss of principal and have produced double digit returns for investors in an asset that is secured and very liquid- an unusual but awesome combination!