Dr. Meadows is one of the most passionate investors I know. Not only is he constantly expanding his knowledge about various investment strategies and vehicles, but he is equally passionate about sharing his knowledge with others. Knowledge is power, and Dr. Meadows is committed to sharing invaluable information that helps individuals empower themselves as well as their families.

Johnnie Dee Swain III
President and Founder of Swain Foods LLC and Swain Farms Co.


Dr. Kenyon Meadows helps investors and entrepreneurs see their environment in a new way and imagine the potential and possibilities for navigating it.

Robert L. Brantley, MBA
Managing Member, The Brantley Group


Dr. Meadow’s desire to educate me as a new investor has opened my eyes to investment opportunities that I would have never known about with my mutual fund advisor.

Thomas Mager, MD
Director, Division of Quality of Emergency Medicine, Summa Akron City Hospital


Dr. Meadows’s passion to encourage and educate novice investors is refreshing. His candid approach and willingness to share invaluable information has helped my family tremendously.

Ernest Burt, PhD
Director of Online Programs, Everglades University